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Penthouse Europeo

Posted on June 25, 2015 by Rogerio in Cuernavaca, Over 1 million

Glorious light of the galaxies illuminates this spectacular modern Cuernavaca Penthouse on a commanding height above the town. By day, its subtle skylights reflect a spectrum of color on high white ceilings and walls. Evening shadows carve dramatic sunsets on the mountains and the sky belongs to the night. With its formal lines, the Penthouse is spacious, comfortable and above all, endowed with a warm friendly ambience enhanced by the owners’ personal treasures from world travels, some of them displayed in gallery settings. Windows overlook a vast, fascinating portion of Cuernavaca. This 500-square-meter property with Cantera floors was acquired two years ago by the designer-owners who bought it “en obra,” before it was finished. Thus they built it to their tasteful specifications and included a bar, a stainless steel galley-type kitchen, a large dining area and living room and a private office. Three large bedrooms, three and a half baths and a double-size walk-in closet enhance the overall sense of sculptured space. Additional storage is in the parking area behind house and garden.

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