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Lake Tequesquitengo

Lake Tequesquitengo is the water-ski paradise of Mexico, four miles long and about two miles wide. Hotels and restaurants ringing the lake rent equipment, provide boats and teach beginners to become advanced skiers It’s a swell place for an afternoon getaway, enough breeze ruffling the sparkling water. Enjoy a leisurely lunch at a lakeside restaurant, take a boat ride or a stroll, bring along a book or just mellow out. If you think you see a church steeple poking through the water, you do. A small town was flooded for the lake, either intentionally by the long-ago owner of Hacienda San Jose Vista Hermosa, or naturally because a spring popped up where the town had been built. Divers love exploring the town beneath the water. Driving time is about 40 minutes.

Tour By Mexico – Tequesquitengo