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Fabulous Haciendas

To visit a Mexican hacienda is to partake of living history and drama of an era that ended with the Mexican Revolution. Morelos haciendas covered more than 100,000 acres and employed thousands of workers cultivating sugar cane, processing sugar. Many date from 1600s and have been restored, keeping their majestic flavor with modern amenities. In the following you will see fascinating, extensive vestiges of original structures. Hacienda Cocoyoc, begun in 1660 in Cocoyoc, a village founded in the 11th Century. Moctezuma I, the great Aztec ruler, was born here. Hacienda is now a luxury hotel, 20 minutes from Cuernavaca near Oaxtepec. Hacienda San Jose Vista Hermosa, founded by Conquistador Hernan Cortes in 1529, America’s first sugar cane mill; near Lake Tequesquitengo. Luxury hotel, 30 minutes. Hacienda San Gabriel de las Palmas, off the federal highway to Acapulco. Luxury hotel, 20 minutes, only open weekends. Hacienda San Antonio Atlacomulco, called Hacienda de Cortes, another Cortes family property until descendants were exiled in 1931; on southeast edge of Cuernavaca. Luxury hotel; 15 minutes. Ex-hacienda Temixco, built in 1627, on federal highway at edge of town of Temixco; recreation center and water park with 22 swimming pools; 20 minutes.